The Faux Process, Prices and FAQ's


$1500 minimum for all jobs

$1200  - Single Size Metal Garage Door
$1800  - Double Size Metal Garage Door
$1500  - Single Size Wood Garage Door*
$2000 - Double Size Wood Garage Door *
$900   - Front/Man Door one side**
$300   - Sidelight per side**
$500   - Pair of Shutters under 5 feet***
$600   - Pair of Shutters over 5 feet***

Refresh of doors done 5-10 year mark are all half cost.  

* Wood door includes doors with plywood or tongue and groove.
** Does not include jambs, mouldings or trim not on the door. 
*** Cost to build is same price to finish.  Shutter prices do not include installation.

Aditional costs:

- Build shutters (Usually same cost as finishing)
- Install shutters (Usually do not install shutters, but occasionally will assist home owners at my discretion)
- Needing to be there specific dates or specific times (including needing you to be home to start or complete jobs) will be $100 per trip. 
- More than 2 meetings to go over project or color
- If large extension ladder or lift is needed
- Repair work needed to start our finish
- If wood doors, shutters or columns are raw wood and need oil primer.


50% deposit is required by every customer to get into our schedule. Our schedule is normally 1 month to 6 months out.  Credit cards are accepted and ran through paypal with an additional 3% processing fee.  

50% deposit only negotiable on jobs over $20,000. To be moved first into schedule in front of other scheduled jobs will be 200% of original bid. Deposits are nonrefundable due to the high demand for my schedule and the high cost of preordering materials ahead of jobs. 

Completion time estimates

Garage doors 4-7 days in perfect weather. (April-Oct)

Fauxs and Finishes will NEVER schedule by dates or arrival times. To give you a 5-8 layer finish at reasonable costs, we run like an assembly line. Typically 5-10 jobsites at one time and the dry time and application times vary by temperature, the direction the house faces, wind, humidity, rain, how heavy the material was applied, the type of doors we are finishing, the amount of sunlight and schedules of the other jobs we are trying to coordinate. 

Our finish is very sensitive to weather and is unlike regular paint.  We work every hour the weather permits which is normally 80-100 hour weeks, but you can not rush this process. It can take 1-5 days per layer to dry in the spring and fall when its cool or wet.  When coordinating up to 10 jobs at once trying to get them all to dry and get completed before rain or cold, its important to let our schedule work the way it needs to.  (Getting texts from 10+ different clients asking when I will be there or where I am only delays getting work done and adds so much stress to an already stressful schedule)


  • How do the garage doors hold up?
    Our garage door finishes are unlike the competitors.  Fauxs and Finishes created the concept in 2006 and it has taken Kansas City by storm.  It took about 2-4 years to develop a system which looks real over the textured doors and will hold up longer than just a few years.  All the products and processes we use are completely different than anyone else.  It can face the sun all year round and our doors will last and not fade or fail for many years longer than our competitors.

    ** My finish is a ten year finish, but it can only last ten years over a substrate that is a 10+ year substrate.  Most jobs are metal garage doors or fiberglass doors.  Smart trim also lasts longer than 10 years. Problems occur when people hire me to paint over the top of a competitors finish that is oil based or a failing wood door.  I explain to every client, the finish is 10 years, but if the substrate fails underneath my finish, I do not have control over that.  If you hired another company to put a oil based finish on and it's failing, my finish will not undo their huge problem. **

  • What is the process of finishing my garage doors?
    Once I begin the finish process,  I need 3-5 days above 50 degrees with no rain in the forecast. This extremely limits the days of the year I can do these finishes. I generally discuss color when I start the basecoat. I paint all the cracks of the doors so no white shows when the door is opened and closed. Then there is a 5-6 layer process of sprayed, hand applied, air brushed layers to do the wood grain and colors. Then we spray a very high end protective layer that doesn't give it resistant to fading, but to general physical wear.  All the products are not available at a paint store and cost me about half of my total cost of the job. I then will repaint your trim around the garage doors once I am finished with my finish.

  • Do you offer a warranty on your exterior door finishes?
    I do offer to come fix any issues with my garage doors at no charge unless the damage is caused by a person (like backing into the door with your car or a dog who stratches at the door daily). Our finish should not fade or fail noticeably for 10 years.  I did have 3 years of hard work learning what does and does not work to get my process down. No products sold over the counter at a paint store work (so don't expect these results from a painter or DIY). My materials come from 4 different suppliers, so not one person other than myself knows all of the steps it takes to get this to last.

  • What color garage door should I order?
    The color doesn't really matter since I will be painting over it. 

  • Can we use our doors when you are finishing them?
    You can use your garage doors like normal when I am finishing them. I only need you to keep them closed when you are not using them so they will dry.  The man door or front doors will not be able to be used. All doors will be wet the entire 3-4 days even if they may appear dry, do not touch them.

  • Will you paint behind the weatherstripping on my garage doors?
    Unfortunitely, no.  When I first started I tried to do everything as perfect as I could and finish the entire door, even behind the weatherstrip.  This caused so many problems. The paints take a long time to fully cure and will glue your door shut.  If it is painted, the friction will eventually wear it off also. When the sun hits the door and it gets hot, it will soften the latex paints and doors will stick then too. If you really wish to have the metal behind the weatherstrip painted, the weatherstipping needs to be left off and installed a week or two after I am finished. Even if weather stripping is off, your door scan stick
    and cause issues with the opening function if it's painted behind the weatherstripping. 

  • Can you paint my exhisting door?
    Yes. Most of my clients have me paint existing metal garage doors and front doors. I can also go over wood garage doors with airbrushing.  Over wood doors my topcoats last longer than what most painters use, so it will give you longer life.

  • I have wood doors that are failing, can you help?
    Yes, I often put our faux finish over real wood to enhance the wood. If the stain was opague, I will do it just like our metal doors and the doors will look much better than before. If the doors have a transparent stain, there are more options. Stained wood doors can use enhanced glazes to add depth, then airbrush shading to add more depth. All finishes last longer than standard stain and topcoat systems used by painters.

  • Can you instal shutters, fix dents, replace boards or replace weatherstrip?
    Unfortunitely, no.  I am not a painter, carpenter, or garage door installer.  My time is very valuable to keep these long lasting finishes affordable. I usually visit 5 or more jobs a day and I only carry the tools and have time to do what I was hired for. If your doors need repair work or shutters need to be installed, you will need to find the appropriate person to help.

  • Can you faux finish fiberglass front doors?
    Yes. Front doors are best done in fiberglass over metal. Metal front doors are prone to denting. Fiberglass doors with failing gel stain is a good time to consider Fauxs and Finishes' faux process for better look and longer life.

  • If my painter or myself paints the basecoat can I have a discount?
    Unfortunitely no. When I first started I would allow this, but like everything else, if I don't do it, it's usually done wrong.  I paint all the cracks one color first, then a special color for basecoat second. Most painters and home owners skip steps and then ask me to fix those mistakes later when it's too late.

  • Do you finish doors outside of Kansas City area?
    Yes, I do.  I stay very busy and do 3-8 homes at a time to keep my prices as low as they are.  To do jobs outside of Kansas City area, I need multiple jobs close together or one fairly large job.

  • I am building a new home. Can you work with my builder during the build?
    Yes, but I do not recommend it. Long story short, 99% of the time someone will touch the wet doors during the 3-4 days and ruin the finish. Builders like to say exactly what day to be there, but our schedule is dictaded by weather.  It's just easiest to finish at or after closing time.

  • Will you leave touch up paint?
    I do not leave touch up paint for garage doors and because I do not use normal paints. These products usually look worse if you try to touch them up for many reasons. They are multi layer colors and they also need a topoat to be true to color.

  • Is there any maintenance to the garage doors?
    No, but I do reccomend washing them once a year like you would a car. With mild soap and sponge or cloth.