Garage Doors

Tyler Kessler of Fauxs and Finishes was the trend starter for the faux wood garage door concept.  Being a builder for a decade he knew the challanges with cost and maintenence on wood garage doors.  After years of testing and trial and error Fauxs and Finishes have developed a system no other comany uses, and it lasts. With half the cost being materials alone, each layer being very labor intensive Fauxs and Finishes charges less per coat than a residential painting company would.  Our finished product not only looks better, lasts longer, but for the time and materials, we charge less than a painter for the amount of work involved. 

If you are still shopping other companies or wish to DIY, let me tell you some important things about faux finishing garage doors.  If a painter, finisher or paint salesman tries to use Gel Stain on your metal doors, I promise in 1-5 years your finish will peel the primer off the metal and your doors will be trash.  If you are out of the sun completely, you may get more time. If you think you will thin down paint or use normal glazes you will see it fade and be blotchy in a few years or less.  No products I know, sold at a paint store, will last.  The time and money invested by Fauxs and Finishes to get a seamless finish and the depth of color took years of practice.

Fauxs and Finishes has done over a thousand doors since I developed the system and I have never had one fail. In the big hail storm of 2012 all the doors that were hit had up to 1 inch deep dents but not a single chip.  The doors I did back in 2006-2007 are sill as beautiful in 2015. After 8-12 years depending on how much sun exposure your doors get, you will start to get oxidation of the topcoat.  This can be fixed with a fresh topcoat in 8-12 years at a fraction of the cost of the original cost.