Wall Finishes

Winter seasons only

Get high end professional finishes in any look you can find or dream up. Fauxs and Finishes will not cut corners and we always keep your home or business clean. We have as big of a collection to choose from as any finisher.  During a consultation we may bring between one hundred and two hundred samples as a starting point.  Each finish we do is totally different and unique.  The samples we offer are truly beautiful and will give your home a very unique and elegant feel.  Fauxs and Finishes prides itself with providing all our clients with the high end look and not a crafty look you may get from beginners or do-it-yourself kits.  

One thing sets Fauxs and Finishes a part from other finishers and painters is the ability to produce timeless finishes.  Our finishes tend to be more sophisticated and timeless than a normal paint. We also offer very trendy finishes for old world and contemporary styles.  Most finishes we offer do not actually have texture, but may appear to.  We also recommend plasters over paints and glazes for the true deep sophistication, durability and ease of touch ups.

Wall Finishes $2-$20 per sq ft ($6 per sq ft average)
($2000 minimum)